Daikon Island in the heart of the lake.
Retreat to the heart of the island.

Daikon Island is surrounded by Lake Nakawumi (the “Mid. Sea”), and so you can enjoy 360 degree of lake view from anywhere in the island. Known for one of the biggest producers of peony flower and ginseng in Japan, Daikon Island has fertile black volcano soil. Other than these symbolic products, the people, mostly farmers, in the island have used the soil and made lots of agricultural products over generations. In recent years the people starts to pay attention to the island, because of not only such products, but its unique environment as destination in holidays.

In spring 2018 COCORETO opens at the heart of the island, and begins to offer an accommodation facility, cycling tour and rental bikes, and experience programs in harvesting and doing creative workshops to enjoy such island’s gifts and unique environment, and then to comfort your heart. COCORETO also helps you enjoy going around outside the island and surrounding area of Lake Nakawumi and Lake Shinji, so called Twin Lakes region, where is one of the best tourist place in Japan.

The Guest House

Amazing Farm View!
– Stay at our dormitory with wide and open feeling.

Views of Daikon Island’s farms vary seasonally, and even over time a day. With such views in front of your eyes, why don’t you spend relaxed time in our dormitory beds? From you beds, you can enjoy wide and open view over full-height glazing: views of the farms and an indigo color gradation of Lake Nakaumi (the “Mid. Sea”), Mt. Daisen (the “Big Mountain”), and other piece of nature, which are not to be found anywhere.

In the guesthouse, natural woods are used for all the beds and furniture, and indigo dying or rusty-processed metal parts are used in interior in common space. Designed by a contemporary local design office, all interior is harmonized for producing most comfortable atmosphere. The guesthouse has ladies-only bed room and bathroom to avoid some stress which you might feel.

Island Cycling

Lightly Pedal a Minivero Bike.
- Explore the island with 360 degree of lake view.

COCORETO holds “Pottering Daikon Island Tour” to go to the island’s interesting spots, using hybrid bikes, and/or minivero bikes which are good for even ladies to ride easily. COCORETO prepares several hybrid bikes and minivero bikes of global brands such as Giant, Bruno, Raleigh for the tour. We also rents them.

In the tour we go through charming winding roads across farms and go into a maze of nostalgic narrow lanes in any of the island's eight villages. Also we drop by several interesting spots including a famous Japanese garden, unique landscape derived from past volcanic activity, small statues besides roads representing the island’s old belief, some points of rest such as a stylish café on a hill or a bakery beside the lake, and so on. Chatting with loco farmers may be a small fun.


Gifts from Black Volcano Soil.
– Unique experience of harvesting, cooking, and creative workshops.

The black volcano soil of Daikon Island gives us many gifts from the earth as well as the island’s signature peony flower and ginseng. COCORETO offers seasonally various experience programs such as picking flowers (peony), harvesting potherbs, root vegetables and fruits in season, and then cooking or having creative workshops of using them. Through such creative activities you can learn history and culture of the island, too. Please check “COCORETO Experience Calendar” (to be available), and find out your favorite.

Twin Lakes Concierge

Find your own secret place.
– You can discover another Japan in Twin Lakes region.

Lake Nakawumi and Lake Shinji – the region around these “twin lakes” should have so many charms for tourists and lots of hidden places where you can find by yourself:

  • Sacred shrines and legendary spots described in the ancient Izumo history,

  • Not only for its castle of national treasure, Matsue also known for traditional samurai culture as Lafcadio Hearn wrote in his book,,

  • Yasugi area that is known for old blacksmith of ancient iron-making method, a famous garden museum, and so called “swan road”,

  • Sakai port known as one of the biggest fish markets and a famous shopping arcade called “Mizuki Road”.

  • Yonago – the merchant city in San’in that locates at the foot of Mt. Daisen and having well-known Kaike hot spring.

Staying at COCORETO, you can go around these areas, and some hidden spots in-between, to find your own secret place. For looking for it, please also check our video, “Twin Lakes Concierge”. You can also enjoy eating a lot of fresh foods from Japan Sea, the lakes and the land – COCORETO assists you thoroughly in finding your best.


For reservations / questions concerning accommodation and activities, please contact from the following.

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